BitDefender Total Security 2018 Review – Revolution or Not?

Complete protection and continuous updates

Bitdefender Total Security 2018 My Devices

‘No loose ends’ is the core belief the Bitdefender team strives by. With all around protection the package is hard to maintain. However, the Bitdefender total security is continuously updated with new versions and features which allow you to keep up with latest developments and keep the security up to date and ready to fight the ever growing and ever adapting new cyber threats.

Although one can opt out of the continuous protection service, it is advisable to avail the service as it comes in very handy as you don’t have to fret every time your subscription runs out. With continuous protection the application updates and upgrades automatically ensuring there is no lapse of security.

Multi-layer protection

Bitdefender Total Security 2018

Ransomware protection is becoming essential these days for anyone working on the internet or with computers. Keeping your private data safe is no longer a hassle with Bitdefender’s advanced multi layer protection against ransomware threats. Ransomware is a malware that infects your computer and locks all your important files and drives. Cyber criminals then demand a hefty sum of money as ransom to unlock your files. In the end you end up losing either data or money.

The Advanced Threat Defence mechanism of this product studies behaviour and specific threat patterns to block any unwanted or suspicious applications and also notifies the user of anything fishy. The multi layer protection shields your files and documents from ransomware encryption thus keeping them safe and out of the hands of cyber criminals.

Online privacy

Does that even exist? Or is it only a figment of our imagination? The internet is a vast ocean where keeping your privacy intact is like trying to pile leaves on a windy day! The Bitdefender total security again comes to the rescue with its total web security. First of all it does not allow unauthorized webcam use. Secondly a privacy firewall stops unwanted sites or programs on the internet from running.

Online banking and shopping is now hassle free because with Bitdefender Total Security 2018 Safepay one can easily shop or do banking activities online without having to be fear fraudulent activities. It can also automatically fill out your credit or debit card details in the respective fields thus ensuring no one but you can access your secret codes. The password manager is a nifty addition to this already awesome list of features. It can save your passwords and sensitive data in a secure locker which you can easily access. It provides the user with the option to auto-fill online forms and even recommends strong passwords generated randomly.

All for the Family

Total security indeed! Get the best protection for your children with Bitdefender’s total security. The internet probably isn’t a children’s playground. Young kids and adolescents are most vulnerable to all the different features and services the internet provides. As a parent nothing can be more worrying than the thought of your child visiting harmful sites or getting access to inappropriate content. Be as it may, the parental advisor lets the parent monitor their child’s online activities.

It not only allows you to block certain sites but also limit their online time separately. Parents can log in from the central Bitdefender account and keep a tab on your kid’s location every time they use their mobile device. Get notified immediately when your kid enters a restricted site. Also an added feature is you can block unwanted phone calls and text messages.

Safety and recovery

The total security protects your every file and document. In fact, you can put your most important files or documents under the Bitdefender’s watch list which keeps them safe from malicious software, malware or ransomware. It constantly scours for anything amiss and lets you know firsthand. Only trusted sites are allowed access to your files or information.

The software detects advanced threats on its own, reboots the computer in rescue mode and cleans and restores it back to its healthy state. Bitdefender also allows you to check your system anytime with a simple click. It scans for outdated software and vulnerable spots in your device and addresses them. It offers you advice and the best fix for your security problems.


With so much going in a single software program, it is easy to complicate things. But trust the guys at Bitdefender to get things right with their user friendly interface and easily available features. The interface is clutter-free and any lay man can easily find his way around. Furthermore all the basic and important features are only a click away. The smart looking interface is also a treat to behold. The battery mode is very helpful as it is a treat to have on your mobiles and tablets or laptops. It tweaks battery draining applications and saves your battery life whenever required. The photon mode is an innovative piece of technology that lets the software to adapt to any software or hardware settings irrespective of the device or platforms. It can also sense your needs and detect when you are playing games, watching movies or completing a project. It does not pester you with unnecessary requests and activities which it takes care on its own.

Lauded by critics

Cyber security experts have rated Bitdefender total security as the top security provider currently, above Kaspersky and McAfee and Norton. The pundits of the tech world are more or less in awe of the all round security the product provides. It packs every feature that one can expect in a security software and even more!

Should you buy Bitdefender Total Security 2018?

The antivirus software is due to be released next year with a hefty price for a year’s validity. The price is not such a big deal though considering all the concerns it addresses and its multiple usage. Unfortunately, Linux users have to make do with their own security for now.

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