Acronis True Image 2018 Review: The Disk Imaging Software Program Everyone Is Waiting for

A brand new product from the data protection giants Acronis in the form of Acronis True Image 2018 will hit the markets soon. Acronis is very popular for its Acronis True Image line of software that has been around for a couple of years now. They provide data backup, archive, access and recovery all in one package. Now they have made serious improvements from their earlier software products. The Acronis True Image 2018 is a disk imaging software compatible with various operating systems and working platforms, providing the user with simple data backup and recovery supporting multiple different file systems.

Launched way back in 2003, the Acronis True Image has grown considerably to become one of the most popular and reliable disk imaging software. Disk imaging lets the user create virtual disc from physical disc so as to create a backup of the data the user stored on the disc or drive. The virtual disc will act like the original which backs up your important data and allows you to recover it in case of an accidental data loss. From new features being added on to more technical improvements, the Acronis True Image software has come a long way. The Acronis True Image 2018 is the newest and most improved version from the makers of disk imaging software with a host of spectacular features. Let’s have a look.

Best data protection

acronis true image 2018 review

The Acronis True Image 2018 lets the user create backup of important data on disc images and provides easy access to the user whenever required. It also archives and recovers lost data. You can store any type of data from pictures to music files, from videos to text documents and even emails. The stored data is strongly protected by encryptions thus ensuring the safety of the user’s data. Using the virtual disc you can restore lost data from your stolen or damaged computer onto a new computer. Hard disk cloning is a nice backup strategy which backs up everything in your hard disc including your operating system and applications. By cloning hard discs you can upgrade to a better hard disc without the fuss of having to install the operating system all over again. Data archiving is another service that Acronis True Image provides. Archived data can be accessed comfortably.

Cloud storage with wide compatibility

acronis true image 2018 cloud storage

This new version offers a whole range of possibilities when it comes to disc imaging. The software works in both the 32-bit and 64-bit version of Windows (from Windows XP to 10) and is also compatible with Mac OS and android devices. It supports a large number of file formats and covers a whole range of formats for your convenience. It even guarantees that the backed up data is backward compatible, that is, image files created by the immediate preceding version can be restored using the succeeding version. With the Acronis True Image 2018 you can even store your online data on Acronis cloud which provides safe data storage along with enormous storage space. The cloud allows data from multiple devices to be backed up all under one roof! Android and iPhone smart phones users can store their data easily on the Acronis cloud.

New and improved protection

acronis true image 2018 new protection

What did the Acronis True Image 2017 lack that a better version had to be made? A bulky security guard. Yes, the Acronis True Image 2018 provides much more advanced security than its previous version the Acronis True Image 2017. The beefed up security dashboard keeps a keen eye on risky applications and potentially harmful websites and denies access to any unwanted sites or programs. It monitors statistics to flag or block suspicious website and allows you to control access to trusted sites. It automatically keeps tab of the sites or programs you trust and allow them to run. Furthermore it amazingly is compatible with Windows defender and other third party anti-virus software. Ransom ware threats are also checked by this software for Mac users.

Speed boost

acronis true image 2018 speed boost

To be honest the 2016 version can sometimes lag and the 2017 version is no fast runner either. However the developers over at Acronis addressed this issue by giving the Acronis True Image 2018 a much needed speed boost. Creating a disc image is now much faster and simple. Accessing your stored data is a breeze and recovering data takes almost no time at all. The volume tracker monitors the change in real time thereby reducing the time taken to create images. Users can also opt to enable the WAN optimization option which allows the user to download data from the Acronis cloud in the blink of an eye!

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