Features Expected From The Best 2017 Antivirus Software

The most ideal 2017 antivirus software must protect a device against known and unknown attacks, regardless of whether such threats come from online or offline sources. Here are the features you must watch out for when getting a 2017 antivirus software;

#1: Excellent virus scanner and script blocking

An ideal antivirus is the modern times must have a reactive scanning feature which means it must readily scan any new file or program before they open. The software must check whether the malware hidden is a known one or not. The software performs virus scanning a script blocking in the background without reducing the speed of your device. Aside from the pre-scanning for virus, the software must be able to provide a full scan on your device to detect any suspicious files in all files, and programs. The best software should be able to block any malicious Java scripts and Active X files. When the database of the software is updated constantly, it should be able to detect the behavior of old and new malware for easy detection.

The vulnerability scanner feature provided by Bitdefender Total Security 2017 for instance, will identify the important Windows or Mac updates, alongside weak passwords, or problems with public Wi-Fi internet systems, it will suggest the next options to take and you can avoid any complication immediately.

In addition to vulnerability scanner, the Bitdefender Total Security 2017 web protection module will normally use green ticking symbols to identify which websites are safe in your search results- these green ticks will also appear beside your Facebook and Twitter links, to make sure they are safe to click before you access them.

BitDefender 2017 Central

#2: automatically updates itself without slowing down your device

Any antivirus software worth installing on your device must be capable of updating itself in the background without slowing down the speed and performance of the device. Aside the daily updates, the software must eliminate vulnerabilities and update its virus database. The quicker and more regular the updates are conducted, the more effective the software becomes in predicting future vulnerabilities.

Bitdefender Total Security 2017 is one of the top 3 antivirus software of 2017 rated for their abilities to update regularly with almost negligible impact on the speed and performance of the device.

#3: excellent malware removal

The elimination of malware is as important as blocking such unsolicited contents. Though the manufacturers of cyber security products such a antivirus software do see these functions separately and this is why most antivirus software brands are only capable of detecting and blocking malware but wouldn’t be capable of removing such malware when your PC is already infected. For this reason, you may be expected to purchase the full version of the antivirus software in order to remove a malware that has already infected your device.

One of the ways through which the most trusted antivirus software such as Bitdefender Total Security 2017 works is by allowing you to make changes to the default autopilot protection mode or you can simply leave it unchanged. With the default autopilot protection mode, your websites, files, and even applications are completely protected from Malware attacks and you wouldn’t have to get intrusive security alerts.

You may want to change the category, tools, and privacy through the different modules and tools. You can manually activate profiles you want to protect from malware by simply clicking on profile and use the check options, as shown in the image below;

BitDefender Total Security Settings

Bitdefender Total Security 2017 will always provide you with pre-scanned security profiles , all you need to do is add more modes , including gaming public internet, and movies, if you want more Malware protection for your files- this will prevent the malware from encrypting such files.

#4: Ransomware protection

The best 2017 antivirus software must come with ransomware protection, in most cases, you will be advised to select the files and documents the anti-ransomware must protect, just in case a ransomware attacks the device, doing this also means that the ransomware will be incapable of encrypting the protected files and documents.

#5: File Shredder

Most antivirus users don’t take the file shredder feature serious, they think the use of the usual “Delete” and “recycle bin” clearance are enough to eliminate unwanted files, whereas, these will not remove the file from the hard drive , the files will just become invisible to you. With the use of a file shredder, you can eliminate files permanently, or even recover them through some special programs.

Un-wanted files will only disappear when they are pushed out of the hard drive memory, File shredders on the other hand, will destroy files permanently, without leaving any traces in the hard drive.

#6: Effective firewall

Firewall has been one of the highest levels of protection on any device.  While some antivirus can easily filter the internet traffic that is constantly directed towards your device, the most effective software should be able to scan and filter such traffic even before they get to your device. This will ensure that all incoming threats are neutralized before they become active on the device.

#7: Other features that are desirable

There are several other features that may be desirable but not too important, when you are looking for the ideal 2017 antivirus software, these features include;

  • Protection for DNS,
  • Password managers,
  • System optimization,
  • Anti-phishing protection,
  • Internet browser protection, and
  • Antispam protection.

For those using android devices, Bitdefender Total Security works perfectly with the android app to provide excellent protection against theft and access to vital files and information. The Bitdefender android app comes with Malware scanner, privacy advisor, web browser security and many more. The app will indicate whether there are any newly installed app that put your device at risk. The app will also assign a new PIN that you can use in accessing your phone. The Bitdefender Total Security 2017 android app also comes with an anti-theft feature that takes a quick snap of the image of a thief, and send it to another phone that you nominated to track the phone.

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